Can South Africa export wine?

Liberated by the advent of democracy in 1994, the South African wine industry has gone from strength to strength, with exports reaching 319 million litres in 2020.

How do you export alcohol from South Africa?

An Export Certificate is required in order to export liquor (excluding medicine and beer) in terms of the Liquor Products Act (Act 60 of 1989). This Certificate must be presented to obtain clearance from Customs and Excise for a consignment of liquor.

Does South Africa export wine to China?

In 2019, South Africa only captured 0.9% of the Chinese wine market share, a tiny amount compared to the top three countries: Australia (35.4%), France & Monaco (28.7%), and Chile (14.2%). Comparatively, China is South Africa’s 4th top destination for wine exports accounting for 4% of its total wine exports.

Where does South Africa export wine to?

The overall value of the country’s wine exports increased by 7.7% to R9. 1-billion, of which packaged wine exports’ value grew by 8.3%. Countries which showed good growth in value include the UK (28%), the Netherlands (19%), the US (12%) and Sweden (17%).

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Can wine be exported?

As agricultural cargo, wine may also now be transported to those same ports of entry. Finished packaged or bulk wine may be exported to its export destination.

Do I need a liquor license to export wine?

If you export wine, you’re going to have to acquire a liquor license, even if you are not a liquor manufacturer.

How do I export wine to China?

Process When Exporting Wine to China

  1. Signing the agreement with your Chinese importer. First of all, you need to find a Chinese importer who’s willing to import your products. …
  2. Register Your Company with the AQSIQ. …
  3. Registering Your Label. …
  4. Ship Your Goods. …
  5. CIQ Inspection and Labeling.

How much wine does China buy?

Wine import volume in China 2012-2020

In 2020, China imported approximately 430 million liters of wine, down from around 610 million liters in the previous year. Meanwhile, the annual wine import value dropped by around 26.7 percent.

How much wine does South Africa import?

Post estimates that wine imports will increase by 13 percent to 40.0 million liters in 2020, from 35.5 million liters in 1999, due to the growing demand for lower priced wines in South Africa.

How do I become an exporter in South Africa?

How to register as a Foreign Exporter

  1. Fill in the application forms and relevant annexure(s) as prescribed by the Customs and Excise Act.
  2. Submit certified supporting documents as listed on the relevant application forms.
  3. Nominate a registered agent by completing and sending the relevant form to Customs.

How much does it cost to make your own wine in South Africa?

Cost: R400 per person for wine blending only; R700 per person including picnic lunch; R845 per person including three-course lunch; R1 250 per person including lunch with their winemaker.

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What do you need to export alcohol?

Broadly speaking, exporting parties will (among other things) need to:

  1. Secure all necessary federal permits.
  2. File “drawback” claim and related tax forms.
  3. Obtain and submit a “proof of exportation”
  4. Obtain and attach an “export mark” to container.
  5. Obtain an “export certificate” for shipments to certain countries.

Can I export liquor?

Any manufacturer or dealer who wishes to export alcohol must submit an application to the Commissioner. This application must specify : … The description, quantity and strength of each kind of liquor to be exported. The route of export and the check post at the exit from the state or country.

Can wine be exported during lockdown?

“During the lockdown period, the transportation of the wines and any other fresh produce products at the sea ports and international airports designated as port of entry for export is allowed,” the rule update read.