Your question: Can you buy alcohol on a public holiday in South Africa?

The ban on booze sales during weekends and public holidays ended at the beginning of the month, with a switch to regular licensed hours, but no sales after 23:00.

Can I buy alcohol today in South Africa?

Alcohol taps can now run everyday in SA as country moves to lockdown level 1. … President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that liquor traders will now be able to sell drinks everyday of the week.

Is alcohol sales allowed on public holidays?

Alcohol sales

Liquor stores and other licensed establishments can sell alcohol for off-site consumption between 10h00 and 18h00 from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

What days can you buy alcohol South Africa?

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Sunday evening (12 September), that alcohol sales for on-site consumption will be permitted seven days a week up to 22h00, and the sale of alcohol from retail outlets for off-site consumption will be permitted from Monday to Friday between 10h00 and 18h00.

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Can you buy alcohol on Friday in South Africa?

Restaurants and liquor stores get a bit of a reprieve as South Africa moves to lockdown level 2. For liquor stores that sell for offsite consumption, the eased restrictions mean one extra day per week as bottle stores will now be allowed to operate between 10:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Friday.

Is alcohol being sold today?

“The sale of alcohol from retail outlets for off-site consumption will be permitted between 10am and 6pm from Monday to Thursday. Alcohol sales for on-site consumption will be permitted as per licence conditions up to 8pm,” said the president.

What stage of lockdown is South Africa in?

Disaster Management Act: Regulations: Alert level 3 during Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown | South African Government.

Is the alcohol ban lifted in South Africa?

President Cyril Ramaphosa has removed a fourth alcohol ban in South Africa as Covid-19 cases fall. … To support the alcohol industry during the pandemic, Ramaphosa added: “The payment of excise taxes by the alcohol sector will be deferred for a period of three months to ease the burden on the sector as it recovers.

Can you buy alcohol on Saturdays South Africa?

Ramaphosa confirmed last night that bottle stores and the like can now sell booze from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 to 18:00. Weekend sales remain excluded at Level 2, though.

Are liquor stores open on public holidays under Level 1?

The move to alert level 1 means that the hours of the curfew is now from midnight to 04:00. The sale of alcohol for offsite and onsite consumption is permitted, according to normal licence provisions, and business hours in the case of liquor stores. But no alcohol may be sold after 23:00, the president said.

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What days is alcohol not sold?

The law forbids most sales of alcohol on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and while there are loopholes, they’re not exactly easy to jump through.

On what level is South Africa now?

Coronavirus COVID-19 Alert level 1. South African Government.

Are liquor stores open on Heritage Day 2021?

The sale of liquor is permitted from 9am to 5pm during the week. … No alcohol can be sold for off-site consumption over the weekend or during public holidays,” he said. “Alcohol can be sold and consumed at licensed premises only, but not before 9:00 and not after midnight.

Can wine farms sell wine?

The Western Cape government has welcomed a decision to allow the Sunday trade of wine at registered wineries and wine farms under the country’s new lockdown rules. … “Visiting a wine farm that is following careful health and safety protocols is an example of safe tourism behaviour during this difficult time.

Are wine farms allowed to sell alcohol?

Alcohol sales are permitted again, albeit with certain limitations. … Registered wine farms and micro-breweries can also continue to operate and sell wine and brews for on-site and off-site consumption until 20h00. The transport of liquor is now allowed, but drinking in public is still prohibited.

What is Level 2 in South Africa?

Physical distancing and restrictions on leisure and social activities to prevent a resurgence of the virus.